Pooches Partaking of Poops

Is this the profile of an addicted dog?

Listen my children and you shall hear
this allegation that sounds so queer.
My little Boofy is quite the hog
when he finds to eat a goosey log.

Logs, butt kabobs, poopsicles. Whatever you call them they are the disgusting calling card of the Branta Canadensis and my dog, Boofy, just loves to eat them.

Our neighborhood's biggest depositor

It wasn’t so bad until the last snow when the Canadian Geese, in their search for food, traveled a couple of blocks up the road from the lake where they usually stay – right into my neighborhood! Now the whole neighborhood is littered with these amorphous deposits which Boofy will grab and gobble the moment I relax on our once-relaxing walks.

Not only have our walks been ruined, but Boofy’s bum nugget addiction has predictably led to criminal behavior. Boofy is no pup. He is somewhere around twelve years old. He is in great shape and full of vim and vigor, but he loves his yard and never once has made a run for it. That is until now.

The other morning as I watched in disbelief, Boofy dashed across the street after nosing open the gate in a desperate quest for a goose poop snack. He is absolutely driven and driving me crazy.

Does your dog crave the Petite Corona of the sidewalk? Click here to find out what the ASPCA says about the consequences of pooches popping poops.

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