Making It Happen

Woman2SWomanI have arrived and every experience I have had up until this moment was in preparation for this moment. Now it is my responsibility to take this gift and do something fabulous with it.

What do we have but this moment? What have you got to lose?

A woman cannot sit around and feel sorry for herself. Those negative thoughts produce negative energy that surround her and keep her from finding happiness. Exercise really helps. A plan really helps too. If a woman makes herself get up and do something that she may not believe she is capable of she won’t believe how much power that will give her.

When I see a woman who breaks through her fear and gets to the gym or really starts walking and doing sit ups and push-ups and putting her valuable time into herself my heart rejoices. You see a new-found strength in her face and in the way she stands. She feels her god or goddess-given power. If she keeps going you will see her absolutely glow. We have all experienced the power of our own and our sisters’ successes. It is so empowering.

This is where a plan comes in very handy. If a woman formulates a plan for making herself more important in her own life and for making herself into the woman she would love to be, it becomes more possible that this will happen. Not everyone in her life will support her in this endeavor for many and various reasons which do not matter. She needs to find some support and we all need to be available to each other in these our efforts to blossom.

I’m thinking so much about women in my life who are stepping out and others who are thinking about it but are still fearful. I have been crippled by fear and will never criticize another woman for her fear. I hate receiving advice from other women when I am too scared to hear it. I will always be there though to lend support when someone has taken their first steps.

Some of us are here to help each other at the gate, but I feel more confident helping my sisters through the turns once they begin taking their own steps. We are all here to help each other and bring our own power to do that. We each have our own gifts that we bring to the world and our own way of helping each other bring theirs. We can let our powers lay dormant or we can bring them out for each other.

One response to “Making It Happen”

  1. I really einjoyed this post! Break your fear or your fear will break you!

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