Respect the Laws of Laundry or Don’t Blame the Fluffy Blue Towel

I understand that towels should be washed only with other towels just the way I understand that dark clothes should only be washed with dark clothes and all of the other laundry laws that I swear I have obeyed my whole life.

I know too that obeying these laundry laws gets much easier as your loads get larger. But what if you need your white dress shirt and your black bike shorts washed today? And what if you have your fluffy blue bath towel there all lonely in your hamper too?

One fluffy blue towl all alone in the hamper
When will I get washed?

If you are a one-person household it could be a while before you have a legitimate load of towels to wash.

So you fold under the pressure, throw caution to the wind and toss everything in together. “What the heck,” you think. “What could happen?”

We all know what happens, and it isn’t pretty. There is now a line of fluffy blue lint along the seam of my stretchy black bike shorts that will take a long time to pluck out. And there are fluffy bits of blue towel hanging all over my white shirt, inside and out.

I made this decision knowing the probable consequences. Why would I ever break the laundry laws? In that split second I hung myself out to dry. You’ve done it too. You know you have and you paid the consequences and regretted it.

Towlie from South Park

Towlie from South Park teaches us many lessons. Dirty old towels need love too.

Oh well, I just look at this as a lesson review. And what did I really learn?

I learned not to wash my fluffy blue towel with anything else but towels.

Because if I do it’s eventually going to disappear.

One response to “Respect the Laws of Laundry or Don’t Blame the Fluffy Blue Towel”

  1. Speaking from a four-person home, I can assure you it doesn’t remove the problem -every time I put a load on, I offer a little prayer for the items I’ve included by mistake, or put in with a hope that they’ll be ok. My daughters complain, but it would seem it’s not bad enough to make them do their own washing…

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