Get On Your Bike and Ride!

PeopleForBikes invite us all to imagine a place where one bike path leads to the next. Where trails, bridges, and underpasses lead safely to exactly where you want to go.


They work to make this happen by connecting millions of riders to unite them into one voice.

They then take this strong voice to represent us all in building communities where, regardless of experience and fitness level, all of us can pedal across town.

PeopleForBikes, located in Boulder, started a national Green Lane Project to help cities build safer bike lanes to encourage more intercity riding.

In the first two years (2012 and 2013) of the project PFB worked with Austin, Chicago, Memphis, Portland, San Francisco, and DC.

In March PeopleForBikes announced six new cities where more safe bike lands will be installed and Denver is among the six cities including Atlanta, Boston, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Seattle.

Denver was chosen because of all of our biking initiatives and because our elected officials strongly support biking. One of the initiatives that sets us apart from other bike-friendly cities is our 15th Street Bikeway

New Green Lane on 15th Street in Denver
New Green Lane on 15th Street in Denver

The 15th Street Bikeway is a Denver City Works’ project that demonstrates our city’s promise to provide for and encourage use of all modes of travel. Using the bikeway, cyclists can now safely and easily access the Cherry Creek trail or lower downtown by continuing along the right side of 15th Street after the bikeway ends.

The left-side bike lane on 15th Street between Cleveland Place and Larimer Street helps organize all modes of traffic along the corridor, with bicyclists using the left lane, motorists in the middle lanes, and buses on the right. Yes!

Bike Denver

Denver is a great cycling city and the many biking organizations and programs for all levels of cyclists here make it easy to get rolling! Visit BIKEDENVER for resources and ways get on the road in Denver,

A Denver B Bike
Jump on a B Bike

jump on a B-cycle  at one of the many stops in Denver, or hook-up with a cycling Meet Up

for more push in your pedals. You’re in Colorado now so get on your bike and ride – safely!

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