Over the past 12 months, Donald Trump has had varying degrees of control over my emotions. The specter of evil and unknown danger, he has been invited by me to come into my brain and fill it with green vitriol made up of everything I fear.

Now with the inauguration approaching, the volume on “the uncontrollable” has become a little louder to me and yesterday after listening to Trump’s press conference I felt myself totally focused on all the things going on in the world that I have no control over.

There is so much hate and fear out there and I was giving it too much of my attention. I kept moving back and forth from the circle of my life over which I have some influence into the bigger circle of life where I have no influence and where the only control I have is to not focus on it.myinfluence

So, I gave up my control, throwing Love and Faith under the bus carrying Hate and Fear. After a short time riding that bus, I decided to take myself to the place where I go to fix myself.

The gym.

I jumped into a spin class and challenged myself to leave all the baggage I was carrying there on “the road.” I did, it worked, and I felt much better.

Driving home on a cloud of endorphins, my eye was caught by a bumper sticker on an otherwise nondescript van traveling in front of me. It looked like this:


The universe had spoken to me right there and then. I had taken the bait of hate and was feeling the pain of the hook all day.

Today I begin with gratitude for a new day and a new start.

My intention is to stay laser focused on the amazing stuff that is happening in my life.

I am going to breathe in the blessings and breathe out gratitude to the universe.

I AM the strength of Love and Faith and vow that, at least today,

I won’t take the bait of hate.