My name is Cat Stone and I like to make it a habit to learn new things.

I moved away from Allentown, PA many years ago (after finally graduating from Kutztown University) to find adventure and I have been many places, seen a few things and learned quite a bit about people.

I lived in Houston and other places in Texas. I married a cowboy with a cocaine problem who I lived with in a trailer in the woods in beautiful Leona, TX (nice place but it was in a dry county with too many snakes.) I had to divorce him though, because the “Cocaine Cowboy” thing was trite and he occasionally hit me.

I met my present husband in Houston, married him, moved to New Orleans and had two sons. I love New Orleans on so many levels, and may live there again some day. I’ve done my time living in the Midwest near Chicago fighting off mosquitos, and am now very happy to reside in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

I love this town that I live in – Evergreen, Colorado. Every day I walk my dog on beautiful trails through the woods around my house. I walk around Evergreen Lake without Boofy though, because I can’t take all of the sniffing and all of the peeing required (by Boofy) to eradicate the odors of other dogs who have happily peed their way around the lake.

A couple of years ago I launched a magazine that I called Evergreen Living and relaunched a year later as Elevated Living, “the magazine for people loving life at elevation.” What an experience that was!

Right as I was getting ready for the first issue, my beautiful son Joseph, got hit head on by a drunk driver as he drove to his bus-boy job at a local restaurant. Through the efforts of many, many people, Joe is still alive, albeit with a traumatic brain injury. Through the wonderful efforts of the totally competent and committed people at Craig Hospital in Denver, Joe leads a normal (what exactly is that?) life. He is currently making pizza in Conifer, Colorado, and I am currently encouraging him to spread his arms wide to invite all the world has to offer to come into his sphere for examination.

My son, Davis, is starting his senior year at Evergreen High School and is a joy to behold. He is confident and smart. He is also overly confident and a smart ass. Ah, the joys of being 17 years old. He has so many lessons to learn, but I am confident that he will face them courageously y con gusto.

At the moment I am designing logos and helping emerging businesses build their identities. I am also a reseller of NXTbook media, a company that puts magazines in a page-turning format on the Internet. NXTbook technology is so right. Just before I sold my magazine, I toyed with the idea of a digital edition, but never got it done because everything go so screwed up during the sale.

I am all about communication. I started college with the intention of being a writer, got sidetracked into a business major for 3 years  because I didn’t believe in my own dreams, and graduated with a degree in television and radio production. No wonder it took so long to graduate!!!

I love today’s communication technology. Power to the people, baby! So, I’m stepping out with my blog and encouraging my clients to do the same. I have a video business card on my website and am going to be expanding my video presence on my website. I am learning about RSS and feeding info into websites as it is written. So “on the fly.” I love it.

That’s one tiny bit about me. Oh yeah. Don’t ever call me a pussy.