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Strong Women — May 24, 2013

Strong Women

Step back in time to 1940 and think of the statement “She’s a strong woman.” Just what did that mean back then? It may have been a positive statement lauding this woman’s ability to overcome adversity, or it may have meant that she was outspoken; overstepping the bounds of demure womanhood.

Fast forward to the 60s and “She’s a strong woman” would probably have made her a bra burner.
Either way, neither of these scenarios was expressing anything about physical strength.

Back in the 40s it was considered to be very unattractive for women to sweat. Searching the internet for women’s fitness photos from the 1940s I found this.

Unrealistic perhaps
Unrealistic perhaps

Then in the 60s the vibrating belt that claimed to “melt your fat away” became a mainstay in women’s spas and health clubs. It was thought that the jiggling would disrupt and melt away the fat.
We actually had one of these things in our house and it did jiggle your fat and it tickled.

Does anyone remember this?
Does anyone remember this?

Now fast forward to 2013. I know some women who possess superior physical strength. I take a core strengthening class on Sundays and the instructor for this class is insanely strong.


Karen is the most positive, friendly individual you will meet. She smiles and chats as she leads the class through squats and lunges and push ups and crunches. Then we add some dumbbells and run through that set again. Her classes are 90% women sweating attractively and happily.


Karen and her class make me a much stronger woman mentally as well as physically. This class is hard work and even though I have done it a dozen times I really have to push myself mentally to wrap my head around what Karen is so nicely asking us to do physically.


Isn’t it fabulous to live in this time when women’s physical strength is so encouraged and appreciated? Lets take advantage of this opportunity to sweat and get strong together!

Making It Happen — February 19, 2013

Making It Happen

Woman2SWomanI have arrived and every experience I have had up until this moment was in preparation for this moment. Now it is my responsibility to take this gift and do something fabulous with it.

What do we have but this moment? What have you got to lose?

A woman cannot sit around and feel sorry for herself. Those negative thoughts produce negative energy that surround her and keep her from finding happiness. Exercise really helps. A plan really helps too. If a woman makes herself get up and do something that she may not believe she is capable of she won’t believe how much power that will give her.

When I see a woman who breaks through her fear and gets to the gym or really starts walking and doing sit ups and push-ups and putting her valuable time into herself my heart rejoices. You see a new-found strength in her face and in the way she stands. She feels her god or goddess-given power. If she keeps going you will see her absolutely glow. We have all experienced the power of our own and our sisters’ successes. It is so empowering.

This is where a plan comes in very handy. If a woman formulates a plan for making herself more important in her own life and for making herself into the woman she would love to be, it becomes more possible that this will happen. Not everyone in her life will support her in this endeavor for many and various reasons which do not matter. She needs to find some support and we all need to be available to each other in these our efforts to blossom.

I’m thinking so much about women in my life who are stepping out and others who are thinking about it but are still fearful. I have been crippled by fear and will never criticize another woman for her fear. I hate receiving advice from other women when I am too scared to hear it. I will always be there though to lend support when someone has taken their first steps.

Some of us are here to help each other at the gate, but I feel more confident helping my sisters through the turns once they begin taking their own steps. We are all here to help each other and bring our own power to do that. We each have our own gifts that we bring to the world and our own way of helping each other bring theirs. We can let our powers lay dormant or we can bring them out for each other.

The Least Obese Again! — October 29, 2012

The Least Obese Again!

In October 2010 I blogged about an article in 5280 Magazine entitled “The Last Lean Americans” which reported Colorado’s obesity rates at about 15 to 20 percent to be the lowest in the nation.

Well, Colorado has done it again in 2012. It’s not surprising that the state with a population as active as Colorado’s would have the lowest percentage of obese individuals. These Pew findings are from surveys conducted with 177,663 U.S. adults from January through June 2012 for the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

Gallup calculates respondents’ Body Mass Index using the standard formula based on their self-reported height and weight. The World Health Organization defines a normal BMI range as being 18.50 to 24.99. It labels BMIs of 25.00 to less than 30.00 as overweight/pre-obese, and those with BMIs of 30.00 or higher are considered obese.

An average of 62.8% of all American adults were overweight or obese in the first half of 2012 — 36.3% were overweight and 26.2% were obese, which is pretty much unchanged from 2011.

Being the least obese sounds good, but our percentage of “overweight to obese” is 55%, which although is better than the almost 63% national average still represents pretty many people who are not as healthy as they could be.

fitness brings happiness

An October 25th article posted in Huffington Post  reports that obesity rates for the US middle aged (45-65) population  are on the rise.  Speaking of “on the rise,” the rate of STDs caught by men in this middle age category has more than doubled over the past 10 years, that’s according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Though that story is better saved for another day, I need to just say that middle aged men may want to be working out more and making out less. I’m just sayin’.

this could be you

Back to Colorado. Let’s think about next year’s Pew Report on Obesity. We could just continue to wallow around that 55% mark or we could mesmerize the rest of the country and the world with our level of fitness and healthy good looks. Ladies, I invite you to explore Lean.Clean.Mean on Facebook Total inspiration. Guys, check out the blogs and the workouts here

Whatever you end up doing begins with a single step. It’s the hardest part sometimes but one step leads to another and before you know it you’ve gone around the block. Use it and lose it. I’m off to the gym. Later.